Pinterest Recipe – Tested

It’s cold here. I mean really, really cold.

Because we have fairly mild winters here (and because I had a crock pot full of my newest recipe find on Pinterest), I was pretty giddy about the temperature drop.

I’ll admit, I have a slight addiction to Pinterest (you can help fuel my obsession here). If you haven’t used it for cooking inspiration, you really are missing out.

Last night we tried out a Bolognese recipe that I found from this great blog. It was delicious! A perfect warm and hearty dinner for a chilly night.

I prepped everything Sunday night so that all we (and by “we” I mean Mason) had to do yesterday was combine the meat mixture and remaining ingredients in the crock-pot and turn it on.

There’s nothing better than walking into a house full of the wonderful aroma of a fully cooked meal.

I combined the Bolognese sauce with some gluten free pasta and the only thing that was missing was enough pasta for seconds!

And the best part is that I was able to freeze enough sauce for 2 more meals.

Since I didn’t take any pictures of the pasta (you can check out Nicole‘s if you need a visual), I’ll leave you with a picture of the world’s cutest puppy…


…sweet Penny.

You’re welcome!


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