30 days

       I love Richmond, and The Fan. I love being able to make a split second decision about where to get dinner and having the option of walking to a great restaurant.


And if it’s too far to walk, I love that I can hop on my bike in be there in 10.


I love that we have breweries, multiple breweries. With both amazing beer and delicious food.



I love that a snowy evening means cramming into the nearest bar.

I love the eclectic dwellers that flock to The Fan. The college hipster, the young professional, the new family, the retired couple, the looking-for-a-fresh-starter. It’s such a wonderful mix of people that creates such an interesting blend. I love that the shells of the houses are so similar, and the homes that each of us create are so, very different.

I love this place and I love living in the city. But, every once in a while, I get an itch to be outside. I crave the outdoors, the exercise, the ability to explore.

I’m incredibly lucky that when I do get that urge to roam, I can grab the dogs, hop in my car and head to Buckingham. The pups love it so much that their whimpers of excitement start the second my front tires hit the gravel driveway.




But I’m craving warm. And even more than the weather, I’m craving the activity…the choices. The music and the food festivals, a lazy day at the pool and a day hike in the mountains. I’m ready to be outside.



30 days ’til spring. 30 days!


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